A Campfire Story
Season 03, Episode 18
Air Date March 1, 1990
Writer Kevin Kelton
Director Debbie Allen
Previous That's the Trouble With You All
Next Hillman Isn't Through With You Yet

A Campfire Story is the eighteenth episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on March 1, 1990.

Summary Edit

The heater is broken in the dorm when Walter and Dwayne return home late from a recruiting trip. With all of Gilbert Hall huddled around the fire to keep warm, Walter and Dwayne share their recruitment adventure. Walter is competing with Cap, his former coach, for recruiting a star basketball player. En route to meeting the player, Walter and Dwayne are stopped for speeding and Walter is arrested and jailed. Once Walter is free, he refuses to be defeated. Walter and Dwayne plan to intercept the player who happens to be dining with Cap. Dwayne insults Cap's wife and a fight ensues. Chaos, punches, and when the dust clears, the boys are back in jail! Luckily, Colonel Taylor comes running to bail them out. Thinking he's lost his recruit, Walter is very surprised when the star basketball player shows up at Gilbert Hall interested in hearing more about Walter's pitch of Hillman!

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