A Rock, a River, a Lena
Season 06, Episode 24
Air Date First aired in syndication
Writer Glenn Berenbeim
Director David Blackwell
Previous Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?
Next College Kid

A Rock, a River, a Lena is the second episode of A Different World's sixth season which first aired in syndication.

Summary Edit

Everyone at Hillman is anxiously awaiting the visit of Miss Lena Horne. She's inspired many people, from the Dean, who's singing her praises, to Mr. Gaines, who claims to have met her years ago. Whitley's in charge of Miss Horne's reception. Mr. Gaines offers to cater the event, but is rudely spurned by Whitley, and his feelings get hurt. The night of the affair, Miss Horne, upon arriving, mentions to Kim that she prefers soul food. Kim sneaks Miss Horne away to The Pit for dinner and when she's introduced to Mr. Gaines, a spark ignites. Mr. Gaines did, in fact, meet Miss Horne during World War II when she entertained the overseas troops. Over soul food, they reminisce. The frantic Whitley and her reception-goers learn a sharp lesson about the illusion of elegance over the comfort of a guest.

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