Almost Working Girl
Season 05, Episode 04
Air Date October 10, 1991
Writer Jeannette Collins
Mimi Friedman
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Home is Where the Fire Is
Next In the Eye of the Storm

Almost Working Girl is the fourth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 10, 1991.

Summary Edit

Whitley refers her employer to Jaleesa's temporary employment agency when they need a receptionist. Against her better judgement, Jaleesa sends Freddie out on the job, in a business suit and straightened hair. Freddie does just fine... until she overhears the personnel director, Julia, tell a group of people that she is against affirmative action. Julia believes people should help themselves, the way she did. Freddie is appalled, confronts Julia, and is quickly fired, leaving Whitley with egg on her face. Meanwhile, Lena tries to get out of a difficult English assignment by renting the movie instead of reading the book.

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