Baby, I'm a Star
Season 05, Episode 07
Air Date October 31, 1991
Writer Orlando Jones
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Rule Number One
Next Liza Who-Little

Baby, I'm a Star is the seventh episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 31, 1991.

Summary Edit

When Ron's band bombs, Dwayne suggests he get a singer, "a sister in a tight dress", to draw a bigger audience. After all, he can't take funk to a new dimension if he can't get work. He holds auditions and discovers a new singer with an incredible voice: Kim! She joins the band and becomes and overnight sensation. Unfortunately, it isn't long before the success goes to her head and her ego is an overblown sensation alienating her friends and fans. Will Kim come back down the earth before she's the only one left singing her praises? Also, Col. Taylor hits midlife and starts worrying that he's too old for Jaleesa. To compensate, he buys a Harley and begins dressing in leather and various other loud outfits. Jaleesa eventually gives him some news that changes his point of view about his age: she's pregnant!