Baby, It's Cold Outside
Season 06, Episode 08
Air Date November 5, 1992
Writer Jasmine Guy
Director Glynn Turman
Previous The Little Mister
Next Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 1)

Baby, It's Cold Outside is the eighth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on November 5, 1992.

Summary Edit

No matter what Whitley tries, she can't seem to keep Dwayne's interest. She's convinced that the romance in their marriage is lost. Whitley becomes so desperate that she calls in to the Montel Williams Show for advice. Turns out that most of Hillman College is watching the program and recognizes her voice! Now, everywhere she goes, people are giving her advice on how to fix her marriage. When the Height dorm girls come by with their advice, it turns into a Ladies Night out at a club. Meanwhile, Ron finally faces Kimberly and tells her that he's seeing Freddie, and Freddie tells Kimberly of her true feelings for Ron. Encouraged by everyone sharing their true feelings, Whitley goes home and confronts Dwayne. Surprise! They find their misplaced romance!

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