"College Kid"
Season 6, Episode #25
(#144) in series (144 episodes)
"A Different World" episode
Guest Star(s):
Recurring cast
Reginald Ballard
Edafe Okurume
Juan Pope
Jada Pinkett Smith
Bumper Robinson
Leslie Uggams
Billy Dee Williams
Network: NBC-TV
Production code: 623 (6x25)
Writer (s): Reggie Rock Bythewood & Gina Prince
Director (s) Debbie Allen
Original airdate July 10, 1993
(Aired in syndication
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"A Rock, a River, a Lena" None / End of series
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College Kid was the 25th and final episode of A Different World's sixth season, also the series finale episode. It was also the third and final episode to be aired in syndication. Co-written by Reggie Rock Blythewood and Gina Prince, the episode, directed by Debbie Allen, made its initial airing on July 10, 1993.

Summary Edit

Gina, Lena, Charmaine, Dorian, and Terrell rent an off-campus apartment from a grumpy older man who turns out to be a reclusive, former professional baseball star. He is inspired to consider attending college, particularly after seeing an old flame who is now a professor. Gina's abusive ex-boyfriend returns to try to establish contact anew, frightening her and infuriating her friends.

Storyline Edit

Charmaine, Gina, Lena, Terrell and Dorian have decided to rent a house together, which seemed like a good idea at first. In addition to the problems of learning to live together, Gina gets a visit from an abusive ex-boyfriend who's trying to get back into her life. The major difficulty, however, is a landlord who's making their lives miserable. He's a bitter athlete whose career went sour and never followed through on his dream to attend college. The gang convinces him to try a class at Hillman and low and behold, his instructor turns out to be his long-lost love. The flame is ignited between the two and the landlord gets a new lease on life. He helps Gina lose the ex-boyfriend and the Hillman gang get him off their backs!

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