Conflict of Interest
Season 05, Episode 19
Air Date February 27, 1992
Writer Glenn Berenbeim
Director John Rago
Previous Kiss You Back
Next Sellmates

Conflict of Interest is the nineteenth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on February 27, 1992.

Summary Edit

Dwayne and Whitley have impulsively spent the night together when Byron, Whitley's new boyfriend, knocks on the door. Whitley successfully hides Dwayne's presence from her new love, but she and Dwayne are affected by their night together. Adding to the confusion, Charmaine and Lance from "The Cosby Show" show up on campus for a tour and Dwayne and Whitley are supposed to be their hosts. Charmaine has been accepted to Hillman and Lance is still hoping to be accepted. Later, when Dwayne tries to talk to Whitley about what happened the night before, she seems disturbed. They both take each other the wrong way, each believing the other only wanted one last night of passion. It seems there will be no end to the misunderstanding between them.

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