Dancing Machines
Season 06, Episode 20
Air Date June 3, 1993
Writer Scott Sanders
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Lean on Me
Next Cabin in the Sky

Dancing Machines is the twentieth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on June 3, 1993.

Summary Edit

Whitley agrees to baby-sit a prankster student, Deshawn, for the weekend. She thinks it will be a good opportunity to turn the student into a lady. Deshawn is always into mischief, such as rigging the phone and radio not to work. Meanwhile, Freddie holds a dance marathon at Ron's club to raise money for a political cause. What Freddie doesn't know is that Ron plans to keep most of the proceeds for himself. It takes Dorian, the marathon winner, to donate his prize money before Ron feels guilty and changes his mind. Back at the Wayne residence, Whitley's at her wits' end when dinner is spoiled because the electronics went haywire from Deshawn's meddling. Whitley is close to being over Deshawn, but when she starts working on Dwayne's computer, it's obvious she's a lot brighter than Whitley thought. When Deshawn's dad comes to pick her up, his talk with Whitley points out the importance of looking beyond first impressions to see the capabilities of young kids.

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