Dr. Dorothy Dandridge Davenport is a recurring character who appears in eight episodes during Season 6 off A Different World. She was portrayed by Jenifer Lewis.

About Dean DavenportEdit

Davenport was the dean of students at Hillman College during Season 6. A tough but fair administrator, Dean Davenport is fully committed to assuring that the students all get every opportunity to complete their studies. In the episode "Great X-Pectations", when gun is discovered in class, Dean Davenport is forced to expel Terrell, who acquired it after he and Charmaine were harrassed by a local street gang. Dean Davenport decides to give Terrell, who's, although at times seems to find trouble, but is really a very good student, another chance after Dwayne Wayne who's by now a professor, pleads his case to her. Dean Davenport hails from "Chitlin' Switch", Alabama.


Season 6

  1. Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 1) (series opener)
  2. Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 2) (episode #2)
  3. Interior Desecration (episode #3)
  4. Somebody Say Ho! (episode #4)
  5. The Little Mister (episode #7)
  6. Original Teacher (episode #11)
  7. Great X-Pectations (episode #22)
  8. A Rock, a River, a Lena (episode #24)