Do You Take This Woman?
Season 05, Episode 10
Air Date November 21, 1991
Writer Susan Fales
Director Debbie Allen
Previous To Tell the Truth
Next Mammy Dearest

Do You Take This Woman? is the tenth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on November 21, 1991.

Summary Edit

Whitley's angry with Dwayne for going out with another woman, but they have no time to talk about it because both their parents are arriving for the engagement party that takes place that evening. Whitley's mother arrives with gorgeous gowns, flowers and a caterer. Dwayne's mother brings a cooler of catfish she intends to cook at The Pit. When both mothers try to arrange their own flowers, the battle breaks out! The party goes on as planned though, until Dwayne is asked to make a speech and is speechless. Whitley takes matters into her own hands and announces that the marriage is off!

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