"Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Axed"
Season 6, Episode #6
(#125) in series (144 episodes)
"A Different World" episode
Guest Star(s):
Recurring cast
Gary Dourdan
Lou Myers
Tom Wright
Network: NBC-TV
Production code: 606 (6x06)
Writer (s): Gina Prince-Blythewood
Director (s) Debbie Allen
Original airdate October 29, 1992
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"Really Gross Anatomy" "The Little Mister"
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Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Axed was the sixth episode of the sixth season of A Different World, the 125th overall episode in the series. The episode, which was written by Gina Prince-Blythewood, and directed by Debbie Allen, was first broadcasted on NBC-TV on October 29, 1992.

Synopsis Edit

Whitley convinces Dwayne to spend their savings on an expensive painting, but her professional life takes a wrong turn and the painting is later stolen in a home invasion. During a couples dinner Ron, Kim, Freddie, and Shazza try to work out their differences with each other.

Summary Edit

Whitley believes her pay raise is imminent and so she persuades a reluctant Dwayne to invest $3,000 for a painting. Ron has also been doing a lot of persuading and finally gets Kim to let him spend the night. Is the grass always greener? Ironically, now that he's kissing Kim, he can't keep his mind off of Freddie. The good news is that even Kim realizes that there's no real chemistry between her and Ron. Back at the Wayne household, Dwayne and Whitley's apartment is burglarized and their expensive investment is stolen. To make matters worse, Whitley is unexpectedly fired and now they're faced with economic hard times.



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