Dwayne Cleophus Wayne is a major character on A Different World. He is an alumnus of Hillman College, where he was member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, baseball team, math tutor, and track team until his graduation in 1991. He decided to go to grad school instead of taking a job offer from Kinishewa Electronics his senior year at Hillman. He is currently employed by Kinishewa Electronics.

Characteristics Edit

Dwayne was known for his characteristic flip-up glasses and for his sense of flirting with girls on Hillman College's campus. He was an excellent math student, tutor and teacher, all throughout the series. He graduated with a degree in Mathematics. Throughout the series Dwayne matured from a flirtatious wanna-be ladies’ man to a mature and respectable husband. Dwayne would of been in an interracial relationship with Maggie Lauten if actress Marisa Tomei didn't leave the show after season one.

History Edit

Dwayne is from Brooklyn, New York. He was raised rather poor. He is the only child of Adele Wayne and Woodson Wayne.

Season 1 Edit

Dwayne first appeared in Pilot as a freshman at Hillman College.

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

Season 5 Edit

Season 6 Edit

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

Dwayne received a perfect score on his Math SAT, a fact which he constantly reminds others, and uses as a pickup line.

In a reunion special, it was revealed that while at Kinishewa, Dwayne invented the flip cell phone, inspired by his flip glasses.

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