Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 1)
Season 06, Episode 09
Air Date November 12, 1992
Writer Susan Fales
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Baby, It's Cold Outside
Next Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 2)

Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 1) is the ninth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on November 12, 1992.

Summary Edit

As Whitley is pounding the pavement looking for secretarial work to help pay the bills, her mother phones with a pre-Thanksgiving message; she's coming to visit for the holiday. Despite Dwayne's protests, Whitley wants to hide the fact that she lost her job and their home was burglarized. Over on campus, Ron tries to make Freddie realize she wants him as much as he wants her. The real shock comes when Whitley's mom arrives with her very young Hispanic fiancé, Maleek. Meanwhile, Whitley's having a hard time hiding her economic status from her mother. Could things get any tougher? Yes! Dwayne's mother shows up at the door.

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