Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 2)
Season 06, Episode 10
Air Date November 12, 1992
Writer Susan Fales
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 1)
Next Original Teacher

Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 2) is the tenth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on November 12, 1992.

Summary Edit

Whitley and Dwayne's mothers are both visiting them for Thanksgiving! It's a constant battle as the two moms try to overtake each other starting with Thanksgiving dinner. To make matters worse, Whitley's mother has her young, pretentious fiancé with her which makes Whitley very upset. Meanwhile, the campus is buzzing with a Haitian refugee protest march, which the two battling mother-in-laws manage to get caught up in and are arrested. While in jail, Freddie tells them of Whitley and Dwayne's financial problem. When the mothers are released, they confront their kids about their dishonesty. Whitley's mom then admits to hiring her "fiancé" to teach Whitley a lesson about being with someone your family doesn't approve of. In the end, both Whitley and her mother have learned a lesson about pretensions, and the mother-in-laws agree to disagree.

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