Great X-Pectations
Season 06, Episode 22
Air Date July 9, 1993
Writer Jeannette Collins
Mimi Friedman
Director Glynn Turman
Previous Cabin in the Sky
Next Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?

Great X-Pectations is the twenty-second and final episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on July 9, 1993.

Summary Edit

When Terrel and Charmaine are harassed by a street gang, Terrel is embarrassed by his inability to defend himself. Dorian suggests he report the incident but Terrel's solution is to start carrying a gun. The gun is discovered in class and Dean Davenport is forced to expel Terrel. Dwayne, upset because he knows Terrel is too good a student to lose, pleads his case to the Dean. Meanwhile, Spencer pleads his case to Kimberly. He's asked her twice to marry him and refuses to take her "no" seriously. Kimberly explains she simply can't say yes until she finishes her grad school. It's crucial timing and she's worked way too hard to give school anything less than 100% right now. Terrel refuses to give school up. He asks the Dean to allow him to finish his class assignment, a Malcolm X vs. Martin Luther King debate on hate and hope. When Terrel eloquently debates the issue that hate and guns do not solve problems the Dean reconsiders and reinstates him with restrictions.

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