Happy Birthday to Moi
Season 06, Episode 15
Air Date January 14, 1993
Writer Thomas Perry Dance
Director Debbie Allen
Previous To Whit, with Love
Next Mind Your Own Business

Happy Birthday to Moi is the fifteenth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on January 14, 1993.

Summary Edit

Dwayne and Kim are planning a surprise birthday party for Whitley. Dwayne discovers Whitley not only knows about the party, but is suggesting the guest list. He decides to give her a jolt. She's expecting a crowd at an elegant restaurant, but Dwayne takes her solo to a soul food joint instead and gives her a slice of pie with a candle. Meanwhile, Charmaine and Terrel are flunking their French diction class. In desperation, they decide to use a remote device to spy and get the test notes in advance. The teacher catches the two of them, and Whitley gets caught with a red face when she gets home and a big party is waiting for her.

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