Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?
Season 06, Episode 23
Air Date First aired in syndication
Writer Ron Moseley (teleplay and story)
Kadeem Hardison (story)
Director Kadeem Hardison
Previous Great X-Pectations
Next A Rock, a River, a Lena

Homie, Don't Ya Know Me? is the first episode of A Different World's sixth season which first aired in syndication.

Summary Edit

Lena's "homies" come to visit including her old boyfriend Picollo. Picollo is apparently trying to "reclaim" Lena. At first, she's glad to see them and things seem okay. The dorm girls are attracted to one of her male friends and her homegirl is on the make for Terrel. Soon, the homies are disrupting the dorm and Lena's having a hard time getting rid of them. Picollo refuses to accept that Lena is serious about her relationship with Dorian and even Lena is a bit swayed by the moment. When Dorian spies Picollo grabbing a kiss with Lena at a dance, the two guys fight it out. Eventually, Lena realizes that she's outgrown her old friends and refuses to let them question her new values or ruin her chances at an education.

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