Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 1)
Season 06, Episode 01
Air Date September 24, 1992
Writer Susan Fales
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Save the Best for Last (Part 2)
Next Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 2)

Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 1) is the first episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on September 24, 1992.

Summary Edit

The new semester has brought some startling new changes to Hillman. Dwayne and Whitley are back... as a married couple! Having been deeply moved by their experience during the Los Angeles riots, the two are trying to get students to vote in the upcoming elections. Freddie surprises everyone by sporting a new conservative look as a law student and romance is brewing between Kimberly and Ron. The fast-talking Charmaine from THE COSBY SHOW is a freshman and the sweet-wise, militant Lena is her new roommate. Everyone gathers to hear how Whitley got separated from Dwayne during their honeymoon in Los Angeles, smack dab in the middle of the riots and looting. Talk of the riots gets students and staff alike to examine their political beliefs.

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