"Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 2)"
Season 6, Episode #2
(#121) in series (144 episodes)
"A Different World" episode
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Recurring cast
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Network: NBC-TV
Production code: 602 (6x02)
Writer (s): Glenn Berenbeim
Director (s) Debbie Allen
Original airdate October 1, 1992
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Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 1)"
(Season 6 premiere)
"Interior Desecration"
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Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 2) was the second episode of A Different World's sixth season, the 121st overall episode in the series. The episode, which was the conclusion of a season opening two-part story, was written by Glenn Berenbeiam. Directed by Debbie Allen, it was first broadcast on NBC-TV on October 1, 1992.

Synopsis Edit

Continuation from Part 1. Whitley and Dwayne recall their honeymoon in Los Angeles during the riots after the Rodney King verdict.

Summary Edit

Whitley and Dwayne celebrate their honeymoon in Los Angeles just as the riots break out! Perfect timing! During the chaos, the two get separated from each other. Dwayne gets mistaken for a car thief and almost gets arrested while looters use his rental car for a getaway vehicle. Whitley's encounter with a homeless man gives her a different perspective on the situation and also lands her on a local 6:00 news street interview.

Ms. "Mouth of the South" is never at a loss for words, especially on TV! Dwayne, forced to search the streets for Whitley on bicycle, finally finds and rescues her. Their honeymoon has left an indelible mark on their lives and the campus becomes politically charged over the riots' ramifications. Also, although Ron has been dating Kim, he's becoming more attracted to Freddie. Ron tries to ignore Kim as he listens to Whitley and Dwayne recount their outrageous honeymoon in Los Angeles.



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