Just Another Four-letter Word
Season 05, Episode 13
Air Date January 2, 1992
Writer Gary H. Miller
Director Peter Werner
Previous Twelve Steps of Christmas
Next Cats in the Cradle

Just Another Four-letter Word is the thirteenth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on January 2, 1992.

Summary Edit

Ron's dedication to his music has left him penniless, forcing Dwayne to kick him out of the apartment unless he can figure out a way to pay his share of the rent. His only hope is to win a band competition that will lead to a recording contract and money. The band has never sounded better and everyone is confident they'll take first place, until they hear the kids' group who go on after them. The kids win the competition and everyone in Ron's band (except Ron) is ready to call it quits. Ron resorts to drumming for handouts in front of The Pit. Meanwhile, Freddie makes a fool of herself by hanging all over her new boyfriend, Shazza. He tells Kim she's most beautiful when she's silent. Whitley, Kim, and Lena help her realize she's turned into the kind of woman she hates, a Stepford Wife. Taking her friends' advice, Freddie decides to hold out a little bit on Shazza. Not as willing to jump to his every command as she once was, Freddie now has Shazza's undivided attention. When she speaks, he listens!

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