Kiss You Back
Season 05, Episode 18
Air Date February 20, 1992
Writer Yvette Denise Lee
Director Debbie Allen
Previous May the Best Man Win
Next Conflict of Interest

Kiss You Back is the eighteenth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on February 20, 1992.

Summary Edit

Whitley and Byron Douglas III are getting serious. She wants to commit to Byron but has one tiny problem: she can't stop thinking about Dwayne. Although Dwayne doesn't appear to care, Ron knows otherwise! Kim convinces Whitley to finish things off with Dwayne so she can get on with her life. Whitley invites him over for a talk, but he puts her off. Angrily, she packs away his pictures, gifts and momentos when he decides to show up after all. They quarrel, but when they make up, he ends up staying the night! Also, Kim accepts a date with Ron, but when every woman in the club seems to have been with him at one time or another, she walks out.

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