Lena James is a character from "A Different World." She was named after singer Lena Horne.

Character BackgroundEdit

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Lena was introduced in the fifth season premiere. She was originally an engineering major, but later switched to journalism.

At the start of her sophomore year, she was roommates with Gina Deveaux and Charmaine Brown.

Lena worked part-time at The Pit. She ended her high school relationship with boyfriend Piccolo (with whom she later rejected his attempt to get back together with her) and developed a brief crush on Dwayne Wayne. Lena later entered a serious (yet celibate) relationship with Dorian Heywood.

Lena would later move off-campus with Charmaine, Gina, Dorian and Terrell Walker. By the end of the series, she had completed her sophomore year at Hillman and was still enrolled at the school.