Liza Who-Little
Season 05, Episode 08
Air Date November 7, 1991
Writer Dominic Hoffman
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Baby, I'm a Star
Next To Tell the Truth

Liza Who-Little is the eighth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on November 7, 1991.

Summary Edit

It's double trouble when Whitley's evil twin, her rich, look-alike cousin, Liza visits Hillman. Liza's got one thing in mind: to find a husband. Whitley feels obligated to put up with her because Liza's mother has offered Whitley a job buying art for her large hotel chain. Liza decides Ron is her man, believing he's from the wealthiest family. Dwayne kisses her, thinking she's Whitley, and she kisses him back. It isn't until Whitley and Kim overhear Liza tell her mother that Whitley isn't right for the job that Whitley finally decides to teach her a lesson! At a cozy dinner, Dwayne and Whitley entertain Ron and Liza. Everything is lovely, until Ron's scary wife shows up! She's a skeezer, she's the mother of his children, she's receiving mental care and she's Kim, dressed up! This spooks Liza and she runs away, saving Ron from her wicked clutches.

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