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File:A Different World.jpgFile:A Different World "Love Taps" ClipFile:A Different World 'green eyes'
File:A Different World - 911 Emergency StepFile:A Different World - AIDSFile:A Different World - CJ Jones
File:A Different World - Dwayne Wayne Party SceneFile:A Different World - Mean Children BluesFile:A Different World 1987 NBC Series Premiere Promo
File:A Different World 2x04 - Whitley and Dwayne's First Dance (HD)File:A Different World 2x04 - Whitley fantasizing about kissing DwayneFile:A Different World 3x01 - Dwayne and Ron argue over Whitley
File:A Different World 3x05 - Dwayne and Whitley get stuck in the snow and share an intimate kissFile:A Different World 3x07 - Dwayne and Whitley's famous kissFile:A Different World 3x07 Dwayne expressing his feelings for Whitley
File:A Different World 3x23 Dwayne and Whitley's spring breakFile:A Different World 4x04 - Dwayne Comforting WhitleyFile:A Different World 4x08 - Dwayne and Whitley finally confess their love for each other
File:A Different World 4x12 - Whitley, Kim and Jaleesa perform a musical numberFile:A Different World 4x13 - Relax, Relate, Release!File:A Different World 4x13 - Whitley begging for Dwayne's forgiveness
File:A Different World 4x14 - Dwayne sells his computer to pay for Whitley's tuitionFile:A Different World 4x15 - Whitley puts Dwayne on "Men of Hillman" calendarFile:A Different World 4x16 - Dwayne dares Whitley to stay quiet for a whole day
File:A Different World 4x17 - Whitley wears a disguise to spy on DwayneFile:A Different World 4x18 - Dwayne decides to be a teacherFile:A Different World 4x18 - Dwayne receives a job offer from Kinishewa
File:A Different World 4x18 - Whitley spends the night at Dwayne'sFile:A Different World 4x19 - Whitley gets her dream jobFile:A Different World 4x20 - Whitley Discuses her fear about sleeping with Dwayne
File:A Different World 4x21 - Whitley fights with KimFile:A Different World 4x22 - Dwayne and Whitley's graduation danceFile:A Different World 4x22 - Dwayne asks Whitley to marry him
File:A Different World 4x22 - Whitley tells Dwayne she's moving to "New York"File:A Different World 5x02 - Whitley gets mad at DwayneFile:A Different World 5x05 - Dwayne and Whitley spend their anniversary at the pit
File:A Different World 5x05 - Hillman HurricaneFile:A Different World 5x07 - Kim goes full on diva modeFile:A Different World 5x08 - " I Love it when you take charge daddy! "
File:A Different World 5x08 - Dwayne kisses Whitley's cousinFile:A Different World 5x09 - Dwayne has second thoughts about marrying WhitleyFile:A Different World 5x09 - Dwayne tells Whitley he went out with another woman
File:A Different World 5x09 - Kim confronts DwayneFile:A Different World 5x11 - Whitley and Dwayne's first encounter after their break-upFile:A Different World 5x12 - Dwayne and Whitley spend Christmas dinner with the Taylor's
File:A Different World 5x14 - Dwayne and Ron get arrestedFile:A Different World 5x15 - Dwayne exposes Whitley's dateFile:A Different World 5x15 - Whitley and an ex-con go on a date
File:A Different World 5x16 - Whitley gets sexually harassed by her superiorFile:A Different World 5x17 - Whitley kisses ByronFile:A Different World 5x18 - Whitley calls Dwayne to talk
File:A Different World 5x18 - Whitley goes out with ByronFile:A Different World 5x19 - Dwayne tells Byron he slept with WhitleyFile:A Different World 5x24 - Whitley and Byron before the wedding
File:A Different World 5x25 - Dwayne and Whitley's ICONIC Wedding SceneFile:A Different World 6x06 - Dwayne and Whitley get robbedFile:A Different World 6x07 - Dwayne and Whitley throw a Halloween party
File:A Different World 6x07 - Whitley cheats on Dwayne with RonFile:A Different World 6x08 - Whitley and Dwayne work things out (Romantic Play)File:A Different World 6x08 - Whitley calls Montel Williams' talk show
File:A Different World 6x08 - Whitley goes on a night out with the girlsFile:A Different World 6x10 - Marion and Adele clash over Thanksgiving preparationsFile:A Different World 6x11 - Dwayne gets into a bad altercation
File:A Different World 6x15 - Dwayne tricks Whitley on her birthdayFile:A Different World 6x17 - Dwayne and Whitley get sprayed by a skunkFile:A Different World 6x18 - Dwayne expresses his disappointment to Whitley
File:A Different World 6x18 - Whitley throws a party for DwayneFile:A Different World 6x22 - Whitley complains to Dwayne about her studentsFile:A Different World 6x24 - Whitley finds out that she's pregnant
File:A Different World 6x24 - Whitley tells Dwyane she's pregnantFile:A Different World 6x24 - Whitley tutors DashawnFile:A Different World 6x25 - Dwayne and Whitley say goodbye (The End)
File:A Different World 6x25 - Marion and Adele help Dwayne and Whitley pack for TokyoFile:A Different World 6x25 - Whitley and Dwayne's farewell partyFile:A Different World 6x25 - Whitley and Dwayne's moms friends throw them a surprise party
File:A Different World Denise first day at Hillman (Part1)File:A Different World Denise first day at Hillman (Part2)File:A Different World Dwyane's momma.
File:A Different World Hillman Reunion What's Denise doing now?File:A Different World Hillman Reunion What's Ron doing now?File:A Different World Hillman Reunion What is Whitley up to now?
File:A Different World Homey, Don't Ya Know Me (Tupac Shakur episode) (Part1)File:A Different World How the Show Changed Their Lives The Oprah Winfrey Show Oprah Winfrey NetworkFile:A Different World Its Greek to Me
File:A Different World Jake Carpenter's apology speech for racism in America.File:A Different World Mammy DearestFile:A Different World bloopers (Dwayne, Whitley and Ron)
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