Mind Your Own Business
Season 06, Episode 16
Air Date January 21, 1993
Writer Jeannette Collins
Mimi Friedman
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Happy Birthday to Moi
Next When One Door Closes... (Part 1)

Mind Your Own Business is the sixteenth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on January 21, 1993.

Summary Edit

Ron convinces Mr. Gaines to become his business partner in managing a dance club. However, they each have a different opinion on what the club should be. Ron wants a hot, booty-shaking place and recruits fly girls on campus for cocktail waitresses. Mr. Gaines' idea is to have a mellow blues club. When their opening night act cancels at the last minute, Mr. Gaines books his four church-going grand nieces to sing. Four homely-looking girls singing hymns definitely isn't what Ron had in mind. First, Ron and then Whitley try to spruce up the girls' act, but it seems like nothing will help. After some quick tips in sensuality from Gina and the waitresses, the quartet surprises everyone by singing a hot number and bringing the house down.

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