Original Teacher
Season 06, Episode 11
Air Date November 19, 1992
Writer Reggie Rock Bythewood
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 2)
Next Occupational Hazards

Original Teacher is the eleventh episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on November 19, 1992.

Summary Edit

Freddie has a group of youth offenders brought to Hillman as part of a PA Program. Dwayne gets two really difficult kids, Michael and Billy. They think only of violence and they're about to kill each other over gang affiliation. Dwayne asks them to do a presentation on a model, someone honorable. The only person they can think of is action adventure star Steven Segal. Seeking help, Dwayne visits Billy's father, but the father thinks Dwayne is a meddler. Despite this, Dwayne does goes through to the kids and helps them see there's something worth living for. Michael and Billy team up and rap on non-vehicle for their final presentation.

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