Perhaps Love
Season 03, Episode 25
Air Date May 3, 1990
Writer Susan Fales
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Getaway: Part 2
Next Everything Must Change

Perhaps Love is the twenty-fifth and final episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on May 3, 1990.

Summary Edit

Dwayne's mom makes a surprise visit and shows up for Dwayne's induction into Hillman's academic fraternity Phi Beta Kappa. She's proud of her son and makes no bones about telling anyone who will listen! Meanwhile, Julian has told Whitley he's got something important to ask her. She's sure he'll pop the question and propose to her. Julian doesn't propose but instead asks Whitley to move in with him for the summer and give up her local internship. Julian calls her a princess and tells her that she needs to broaden her horizons. Hurt, Whitley goes in search of Dwayne's advice. She enters his apartment to find a woman there she assumes is the maid. She is mortified when the woman informs her she's Dwayne's mother. Whitley spends the rest of Mrs. Wayne's visit trying to make things up to her. She also realizes that even though it's Dwayne's big moment, he's put aside his feelings to consider hers, something Julian hasn't done. Patti LaBelle special guest stars as Dwayne's mother.

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