Pride and Prejudice
Season 03, Episode 14
Air Date January 25, 1990
Writer Yvette Denise Lee
Director John Whitesell
Previous The Power of the Pen
Next Success, Lies and Videotape

Pride and Prejudice is the fourteenth episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on January 25, 1990.

Summary Edit

Whitley shops for her father's birthday present at an expensive store and is waited on by a condescending, prejudiced salesperson. Attempting to change the woman's attitude by impressing her, Whitley spends extravagantly. When she returns to the dormitory, Kim, Freddie and Jaleesa advise her to discourage the woman's prejudiced behavior by returning everything she bought thus cutting the woman's hefty commission. Reluctantly, Whitley returns her purchases and even though she's dying to buy something, she overcomes the temptation to make another purchase... at least in that store! Meanwhile, Walter, Dwayne and Ron spend an invigorating weekend with Col. Taylor as he prepares students for military training. Walter loses a $50.00 bet with Col. Taylor when he learns the hard way just how out of shape he really is. Dwayne has an intimate moment with poison oak when his pride gets him lost in the wilderness.

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