Really Gross Anatomy
Season 06, Episode 05
Air Date October 22, 1992
Writer Scott Sanders
Director Jasmine Guy
Previous Somebody Say Ho!
Next Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Axed

Really Gross Anatomy is the fifth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on October 22, 1992.

Summary Edit

Whitley is out of town for a 3-day business trip with Dwayne, missing her, immediately tries to keep himself occupied. When the Colonel, Ron and Mr. Gaines drop by, their conversation only makes Dwayne miss Whitley more. Meantime, Kimberly is having difficulty in anatomy class and gets sick during her first cadaver incision. Luckily, her new lab partner, Spencer, is there to help! Seems his interest in her is more than academic. When Spencer drops by Kimberly's unexpectedly, it's an inopportune moment between Ron and Kimberly. Whitley returns home to find the house a mess, but more importantly, she and Dwayne make up for lost time!

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