Reconcilable Differences
Season 01, Episode 01
Air Date September 24, 1987
Writer Lissa Levin
Thad Mumford
Director Ellen Falcon
Previous None
Next Pilot

Reconcilable Differences is the first episode of A Different World's first season which was first broadcast on September 24, 1987.

Summary Edit

It's Denise's sophomore year at Hillman. She takes up residence in Gilbert Hall and immediately clashes with her assigned roommate, Jaleesa Vinson. Ever tidy, Jaleesa simply cannot deal with the messes Denise catches. Denise quickly takes her cue and switches roommates. This time, Denise ends up with Whitley Gilbert a.k.a. the "Mouth of South". Again, Denise catches, but somehow Whitley makes Jaleesa look good. It's Denise's first test of the year: How to switch back to living with Jaleesa without ruffling Whitley's feathers.

Plot Edit

Whitley and Dwayne dance together in the Pit. Whitley ditches him on the dance floor and interrupts Chip and Whitley. Whitley says she needs help as the roof is stuck on her convertible. Dwayne offers to help, however Whitley insists on Chip helping her to get him away from Denise. Chip agrees and they leave together.

Denise can’t sleep because of Whitley’s cricket sounds tape. She turns it off and Whitley awakes, and Denise turns it back on as goes downstairs to sleep on the sofa. Jaleesa comes down to buy a soda and runs into Denise. Denise asks to move back in. Denise and Jaleesa have a heart to heart; Denise admits she was wrong for jumping to conclusions about Jaleesa. Jaleesa explains that she felt weird about being older and didn’t socialize much. Denise moves back in. Jaleesa and Denise eat pizza before going to bed.

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