Rule Number One
Season 05, Episode 06
Air Date October 24, 1991
Writer Yvette Denise Lee
Director Debbie Allen
Previous In the Eye of the Storm
Next Baby, I'm a Star

Rule Number One is the sixth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 24, 1991.

Summary Edit

When Lena has trouble in Dwayne's math class, he offers to tutor her. They get on well at first and she soon mistakes his attention for affection. She confesses to Dwayne that she's been lonely, homesick and feels out of place at Hillman. Dwayne offers her understanding. Lena also tells Dwayne that he reminds her of her former boyfriend. Whitley, sensing that Lena is becoming interested, tries to warn Dwayne, but he shrugs it off. That is, until he realizes he's wrong, Whitley's right and that Lena's falling fast. Dwayne has a talk with Lena and she agrees to see another tutor. She apologizes to Dwayne telling him that his reaching out to her was mistaken, although very appreciated. Also, Ron orders defective cosmetics from a TV ad but when Kim agrees to be spokesmodel (for a 30% cut!) the products begin to sell like hotcakes to the women for Hillman. Ron's making bank, until the fine print on the products is discovered: products may cause discoloration, blotching and random hair growth. The girls want their money back!

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