Save the Best for Last (Part 1)
Season 05, Episode 24
Air Date May 14, 1992
Writer Yvette Denise Lee
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Special Delivery
Next Save the Best for Last (Part 2)

Save the Best for Last (Part 1) is the twenty-fourth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on May 14, 1992.

Summary Edit

It's the night before Whitley's wedding and Dwayne has convinced himself he can handle it. Ron knows better. At the rehearsal, Whitley and Byron look like the perfect couple though Kim still has reservations. At the bridal shower, complete with male stripper, everyone seems to relax. At the bachelor party, everyone has a ball, except for Dwayne. After the festivities are over, there's a knock on Whitley's door. It's Dwayne! He wants a few more minutes alone with her before she's Mrs. Byron Douglas! Is that all she wants?

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