A Different World: Season 2
A Different World Season 2 DVD

"A Different World" Season 2 DVD cover.
Country: USA
Number of Episodes: 22 episoes
Network: NBC-TV
Season Run: October 6, 1988
– May 4, 1989
Seasons: 123456
Season 2 was the second season of A Different World, which ran on NBC from October 6, 1988 – May 4, 1989 and lasted for a total of 22 episodes.

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Season 2 (1987-88)Edit

Season 2 episodes
# in Series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
23 1 "Dr. War is Hell" Debbie Allen Thad Mumford October 6, 1988 201
Whitley returns to the dorm and has to adjust to her new roommate, freshman pre-med student Kimberly Reese. Jaleesa's new roommate, free-spirited freshman Winifred "Freddie" Brooks, has developed a crush on Dwayne—who is trying hard to avoid taking a calculus class with Col. Bradford Taylor, an allegedly tough professor nicknamed "Dr. War".

24 2 "Two Gentlemen of Hillman" Debbie Allen Susan Fales October 13, 1988 202
Dwayne and Ron try to write a philosophy paper together, but Dwayne gets infuriated when Ron takes the easy way out. Kim beats out Freddie for a job at The Pit as a short-order cook, leaving Freddie thinking she's unqualified to get any job.

25 3 "Some Enchanted Late Afternoon" Debbie Allen Ron Edwards October 27, 1988 203
Walter persuades Jaleesa to go out with him although she is involved with someone, and Dwayne and Ron start a new business: a personal wake-up service.
26 4 "Dream Lover" Debbie Allen Alicia Marie Schudt November 3, 1988 205
A shared dance at a party stirs up feelings between Dwayne and Whitley, and jealousy for Freddie.
27 5 "Three Girls Three" Debbie Allen Margie Peters November 17, 1988 206
In order to win a competition to sing backup for Gladys Knight, Jaleesa and Whitley join forces with a wanna-be opera diva who ends up trying to upstage them.

  • Note: Gladys Knight performs "Love Overboard" with Dawnn Lewis and Jasmine Guy.
28 6 "If You Like Pilgrim Coladas" Debbie Allen Margie Peters November 17, 1988 207
Whitley and Kim devise a plan to have a nice Thanksgiving when they find themselves homesick after staying on campus.
29 7 "A Stepping Stone" Debbie Allen Cheryl Gard December 1, 1988 204
The women of Gilbert Hall prepare for the Homecoming step show. Choreographer Whitley's bossy ways turns off the others until a nonagenarian alumna's crusty demeanor gives Whitley a glimpse of her potential future. Dwayne faces a challenge when he is asked to tutor a football player in math before the big game against Hampton.
30 8 "Life With Father" Debbie Allen Cheryl Gard December 8, 1988 209
Dwayne has a new girlfriend, and everything is going well...until he discovers that her father is his calculus professor, Col. Taylor. Freddie, upset over not attracting Dwayne's interest, turns to Whitley for an image makeover.
31 9 "All's Fair" Debbie Allen Rob Edwards December 15, 1988 208
Whitley objects to Kim spending so much time with her new boyfriend, especially as they start monopolizing the girls' shared room. Freddie alienates her fellow writers when she "improves" upon their work as the new editor of the literary magazine.
32 10 "Radio Free Hillman" Debbie Allen Jeffrey Duteil January 5, 1989 211
When Dwayne plays an explicit rap song on his radio show, the dean cancels it. Furious, the other students stage a sit-in at the administration building, where Whitley gets trapped in with the protesters.
33 11 "It Happened One Night" Debbie Allen Margie Peters & Susan Fales January 12, 1989 210
Kim learns she might be pregnant with Robert's baby.
34 12 "I've Got the Muse in Me" Debbie Allen Bud Wiser January 26, 1989 212
Freddie gets drunk trying to write a paper; Walter takes cooking lessons from Lettie and Mr. Gaines.
35 13 "Risky Business" Debbie Allen Cheryl Gard Feburary 2, 1989 213
Clair Huxtable returns to Hillman for a business seminar, bringing daughter Vanessa and her friend Kara, who proceed to get interested in campus men Dwayne and Ron.

36 14 "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" Debbie Allen Darryl G. Mickens & Mike Scott February 9, 1989 216
Dwayne and Suzanne break up when she decides she's not ready to get serious so soon. Jaleesa tests Walter's loyalty with a phone call as "Jamaican exchange student" Sheila, who finds him apparently eager to date around, while Kim learns her boyfriend truly is being unfaithful.
37 15 "For She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage" Debbie Allen Susan Fales February 23, 1989 217
Whitley's mother visits to find Whitley a husband, despite Whitley's pleas to study. Diahann Carroll guest stars as Marion Gilbert, Whitley's mom.
38 16 "It's Greek to Me" Debbie Allen Jeffrey Duteil March 2, 1989 215
Ron and Dwayne pledge to join a fraternity. Ron enjoys the process, but Dwayne bristles at taking orders from the older brothers.
39 17 "The Thing About Women" Debbie Allen Rob Edwards March 9, 1989 214
Walter and Jaleesa examine their relationship as Jaleesa goes on a date with her ex-husband Lamar. Thomas Mikal Ford guest stars as Lamar Collins.
40 18 "High Anxiety" Debbie Allen Thad Mumford March 16, 1989 218
Overscheduled Kim begins dreaming of "Killer B's", while the Gaineses argue over the return of their seemingly shiftless son, Darnell. T.K. Carter guest stars as Darnell Gaines.
41 19 "Take This Job and Love It" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser March 23, 1989 219
Whitley's ambitious nature finds a new channel when she takes a job at The Pit in order to pay for repairs to Mr. Gaines' car, but Kim finds Whitley's endless ideas a threat to her status as the favorite employee.
42 20 "No Means No" Debbie Allen Margie Peters March 30, 1989 220
Freddie goes on a date with Garth Parks (Tamiak), a handsome new player for Hillman's baseball team. However, Dwayne discovers that Garth is hiding a sinister side.
  • Note: A disclaimer appears at the start of the program, advising parental discretion based on sensitive and mature content.
43 21 "Citizen Wayne" Debbie Allen Darryl G. Mickens & Mike Scott April 27, 1989 221
Dwayne runs for student council president, but can't seem to get anyone else to care about serious issues. Political activist and former U.S. presidential candidate Jesse Jackson (in special cameo guest appearance) visits the campus and inspires Jaleesa and Kim in their search for the perfect gift for Freddie's 18th birthday.
44 22 "There's No Place Like Home" Debbie Allen Lenore G. Bunt & Lynn Bunt May 4, 1989 222
The students' summer plans take unexpected turns: Dwayne and Ron's beautiful new apartment becomes an impossible dream, and Walter and Jaleesa decide to grant each other the freedom to date others over the vacation. Whitley battles to work rather than holiday with her mother, until Dwayne convinces her that she'll have a long life in which to contribute to society; the two nearly share a kiss, but are interrupted by the party.

  • Note: This episode marks Mary Alice's last appearance as Lettie Bostic.