A Different World: Season 4
A Different World ep 4x3 - Showtime at Hillman

Coach Walter Oakes (Sinbad) arranges a telethon to raise money for the outreach center, as its director, Larry , (guest star Cleavant Derricks) and the rest of the faculty and students lend their talents to it in "It's Showtime at Hillman" in Season 4 (ep.#3).
Country: USA
Number of Episodes: 25 episodes
Network: NBC-TV
Season Run: September 20, 1990 – May 2, 1991
Seasons: 123456
Season 4 was the fourth season of A Different World, which ran on NBC from September 20, 1990 – May 2, 1991 and lasted for a total of 25 episodes.

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Season 4 (1990-91)Edit

Season 4 episodes
# in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
70 1 "Everything Must Change" Debbie Allen Susan Fales September 20, 1990 401

Whitley returns from her travels determined to begin a relationship with Dwayne; however, he has moved on to a romance with newcomer Kinu, a student at nearby Avery University whom he met while in Japan. Col. Taylor's son Terrence arrives from Germany, quickly earning the nickname "Pee-Wee Hormone" for his clueless pursuit of women.

71 2 "How Bittersweet It Is" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser September 27, 1990 402

Whitley tries to make Dwayne jealous by accepting a date with Ron, who knows but hopes to change her feelings; students compete to win places in Professor Randolph's African-American History class, including Freddie and her cousin Matthew, a White student visiting from Avery.

72 3 "Blues for Nobody's Child" Debbie Allen Judi Ann Mason October 4, 1990 404
Freddie is moved by the difficulty of finding adoptive parents for older African-American children in the foster care system and makes it her mission to convince Prof. Randolph to adopt a child she has met through the community center.
73 4 "Whitley's Last Supper" Debbie Allen Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman October 11, 1990 406

Whitley looks forward to a visit from her father until she learns he has come to cut up her credit cards and force her to live on a budget; Matthew and Freddie conspire to convince Kim to balance her MCAT studies with a social life.

74 5 "The Goodwill Games" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser October 18, 1990 407
Dwayne, Whitley, and Kinu participate in a College Bowl-type competition between Hillman and Avery, exacerbating the romantic competition the two women already are in. Kim is encouraged by Freddie to make way for a romance of her own, with Matthew.
75 6 "Tales From the Exam Zone" Debbie Allen Alonzo B. Lamont October 25, 1990 405
Walter narrates a trio of tales, á la The Twilight Zone, about strange occurrences among the students as they prepare for midterm exams.
76 7 "Good Help is Hard to Fire" Debbie Allen Glen Berenbeim November 8, 1990 408
Dwayne can't stop thinking about Whitley which puts a strain on his relationship with Kinu. Ron hires Whitley as a housekeeper hoping it will drive Kinu crazy.

  • Guest star: Patti LaBelle as Adele Wayne, Dwayne's mother
  • Note: The song prominently played during the anniversary party is Jasmine Guy's debut single "Try Me"; the video also aired during the final commercial break.
77 8 "Love Thy Neighbor" Rob Schiller Yvette Lee Bowser November 15, 1990 410
Now that Kinu and Dwayne have broken up, Whitley hopes her time has come. However, Dwayne is less eager to start a relationship than she had expected. Ron shows no sympathy during a class discussion about the homeless – until he crosses paths with an old friend.
78 9 "Time Keeps on Slippin'" Michael Peters Glenn Berenbeim November 29, 1990 411
Freddie and Ron are made the chairs of a committee to decide the contents of Hillman's 1990 time capsule; Dwayne must find a way to be a good boyfriend while remaining a good student.

  • Note: The episode includes an early mention of a condom, although NBC-TV did not allow one to be shown on camera.
79 10 "The Apple Doesn't Fall" Art Dielhenn Gary H. Miller December 6, 1990 412

Ron wrestles with telling his father that he'd rather be a professional musician than a car salesman, and Terrence argues with his father over the Col.'s Taylor's interest in joining a previously racially restricted golf club.

80 11 "I'm Dreaming of a Wayne Christmas" Debbie Allen Judi Ann Mason December 13, 1990 409

During a Christmas visit to Brooklyn with Dwayne and Ron, Whitley is anxious to change the negative impression that Mrs. Wayne has of her. But her efforts progress from bad to worse when she gets robbed on the subway by a man posing as "Santa Clause" and arrives late for dinner.

81 12 "War and Peace" Peter Werner Jasmine Guy & Dominic Hoffman January 10, 1991 414
Hillman alumnus Zelmer Collier visits his childhood friend Dwayne to break the news that his Army Reserve unit is being sent to the Persian Gulf; Dwayne, Freddie, and Col. Taylor each have distinctly different responses to the news.

82 13 "Ex-Communication" Debbie Allen Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman January 31, 1991 416

When Whitley's ex-boyfriend Julian arrives for a visit, she is hounded by the news that he is engaged to another girl who doesn't seem that much different from herself.

  • Guest star: Debbie Allen, in her first recurring appearance as Dr. Langhorne, whitley's therapist.
83 14 "Risk Around the Dollar" Art Dielhenn Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman February 7, 1991 413
After dipping into her tuition money to pay rent, Whitley looks for a job. She and Ron throw a party to raise money, but their plans go awry. Meanwhile, Terrence converts to Islam.
84 15 "Love, Hillman-Style" Neema Barnette Gary H. Miller February 14, 1991 418
Whitley organizes a "Men of Hillman" calendar and Dwayne is upset that it doesn't include him. Ron juggles three Valentine's Day dates while Jaleesa spends the holiday with Col. Taylor. Halle Berry guest stars as Jaclyn and Ja'net Dubois as Brenda Hanes.
85 16 "A Word in Edgewise" Debbie Allen Glenn Berenbeim February 21, 1991 417
Kim does not see the value in Matthew's drama studies until he invites a troupe of deaf actors — and one deaf rapper — to stage a local performance.
86 17 "Ms. Understanding" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser & Judi Ann Mason February 28, 1991 416

Sixth-year Hillman undergraduate student Shazza Zulu divides the campus along gender lines with his self-published book about the alleged shortcomings of Black men.

87 18 "The Cash Isn't Always Greener" Neema Barnette Yvette Lee Bowser March 7, 1991 419
Dwayne tries to decide between a job at Kinishewa or graduate school at Hillman. Jaleesa's sister, impressed by Jaleesa's independence, contemplates some major decisions of her own. Vanessa Bell Calloway guest stars.
88 19 "How Great Thou Art" Neema Barnette Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman March 14, 1991 420
Whitley goes to her first art auction for her internship, then gets fired for bidding on a piece of art the firm didn't want. Freddie starts a radio call-in show, with little success until she invents an advice-giving Caribbean persona.

89 20 "It's Showtime at Hillman" Debbie Allen Joe Fisch March 21, 1991 403
Walter decides to arrange a telethon to raise extra money for the Outreach Center, and the Hillman students take the opportunity to showcase their individual talents.

  • Guest starring: Kiki Sheppard as Herself
  • Note: This episode was postponed from earlier in the season. This episode is a nod to Sinbad's role as the host of It's Showtime at the Apollo.
90 21 "Sister to Sister, Sister" Glynn Turman & John Rago Judi Ann Mason March 28, 1991 422
When Kim becomes a sorority pledge under Whitley's command, the women's friendship is tested; Ron must teach fraternity pledge Terrence a sense of humility and brotherhood toward his fellow pledges.
91 22 "Monet Is the Root of All Evil" John Rago Ilunga Adell April 4, 1991 423
Whitley organizes an exhibit of art by Hillman students, including starving artist Novian Winters. However, the sponsor of the exhibit considers Novian's painting to be blasphemous and demands its removal.
92 23 "If I Should Die Before I Wake" Debbie Allen Susan Fales April 11, 1991 421
Challenged by a speech-class assignment Josie reveals that she is HIV-positive, prompting her fellow students to re-examine everything they thought they knew about AIDS.

93 24 '"Never Can Say Goodbye" Henry Chan Orlando Jones April 25, 1991 424
As Dwayne and Whitley prepare to graduate, Ron finds out he can't join them unless he passes the European history final. Meanwhile, Walter leaves Hillman to take a job at a community center in Philadelphia.

94 25 "To Be Continued" Michael Peters Glenn Berenbeim May 2, 1991 425
Dwayne and Whitley evaluate their relationship in the face of a summer of separation in which she will work in New York while he remains at Hillman to teach; Kim and Matthew also are to be separated by her overseas study opportunity.