A Different World: Season 5
Country: USA
Number of Episodes: 25 episodes
Network: NBC-TV
Season Run: September 19, 1991
– May 14, 1992
Seasons: 123456
Season 5 was the fifth season of A Different World, which ran on NBC from September 19, 1991 – May 14, 1992 and lasted for a total of 25 episodes.

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Season 5 (1991-1992)Edit

Season 5 episodes
# in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
95 1 "We've Only Just Begun" Debbie Allen Susan Fales September 19, 1991 501

As the fall term starts, Col. Taylor and Jaleesa reveal that they eloped over the summer. Meanwhile, Dwayne asks Ron to pick up Whitley's engagement ring from the jeweler, but he gets the wrong one. Note: First appearance of Jada Pinkett-Smith as Lena James.

96 2 "The Dwayne Mutiny" Debbie Allen Gary H. Miller September 26, 1991 502
Dwayne's first day as a teacher becomes disastrous when he tries too hard with his students.
97 3 "Home is Where the Fire Is" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser October 3, 1991 503
A fire breaks out at Hillman and Lena gets the blame just because she's been cooking her special gumbo to earn extra money.
98 4 "Almost Working Girl" Debbie Allen Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman October 10, 1991 505
Whitley's employer needs a receptionist, so Whitley recommends someone from Jaleesa's temporary employment agency and Jaleesa reluctantly sends Freddie.
99 5 "In the Eye of the Storm" Debbie Allen Susan Fales, Gary H. Miller & Yvette Lee Bowser October 17, 1991 506

A hurricane is headed straight for Hillman and Freddie and Ron are so busy arguing, they find themselves left behind at the radio station, so they only have each other to comfort.

100 6 "Rule Number One" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser October 24, 1991 507
Whitley discovers Lena has a crush on Dwayne after he agrees to tutor her in calculus. Realizing Lena is homesick Whitley agrees to be her confidante.
101 7 "Baby, I'm a Star" Debbie Allen Orlando Jones October 31, 1991 508
Ron's band hires Kim to be their vocalist after they are fired from a club, hoping to bring a new sound to the group. Col. Taylor takes up dancing to impress Jaleesa.
102 8 "Liza Who-Little" Debbie Allen Dominic Hoffman November 7, 1991 509
Whitley's man-hungry and materialistic cousin Liza (Jasmine Guy in a dual role) comes to visit and quickly stirs up trouble when she latches on to Ron.
103 9 "To Tell the Truth" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser November 14, 1991 510
Anxious about the wedding plans, but unable to get Whitley to sit down and talk, Dwayne is attracted to a female graduate student he meets at a faculty mixer.

Guest starring: Debbi Morgan as Lisa Westin

104 10 "Do You Take This Woman?" Debbie Allen Susan Fales November 21, 1991 504
Dwayne's and Whitley's parents arrive for the engagement party, but their mothers continue to feud with each other. But Dwayne's growing doubts about the wisdom of the marriage and Whitley's feelings of hurt lead the couple to make a big decision on their future.

105 11 "Mammy Dearest" Debbie Allen Glenn Berenbeim December 5, 1991 511
In the wake of her breakup with Dwayne, Whitley organizes an exhibit on images of black women through history, but Kim is troubled by the inclusion of "Mammy" artifacts. Lena discovers that one of Whitley's black antebellum ancestors owned slaves. The episode also addresses the origins of "the dozens."
106 12 "Twelve Steps of Christmas" Bruce Kerner Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman December 19, 1991 512
As the newly married Taylors and Terrence prepare for their first holiday together as a family, they cannot decide how to combine traditions in a harmonious celebration. Meanwhile, Dwayne, Whitley, and Whitley's therapist are each invited and must learn to get past their differences.
  • Note: Director Debbie Allen guest stars as herself in this episode.
107 13 "Just Another Four-letter Word" Henry Chan James E. West January 2, 1992 514
Ron enters a band competition to win a recording contract and enough money his half of the rent with Dwayne. R&B singing group The Boys make a special guest appearance in this episode.
108 14 "Cats in the Cradle" Peter Werner Gary H. Miller January 9, 1992 513
Dwayne and Ron are jailed with three White students following a run-in over a football game. Both sides tell conflicting stories about what led to the spray painting on Ron's car.
109 15 "Prisoner of Love" Glynn Turman Glenn Berenbeim January 23, 1992 515
Freddie's ex-convict pen pal shows up at Hillman to pay a visit — evoking a variety of reactions from friends.
110 16 "Bedroom at the Top" John Rago Susan Fales January 30, 1992 516
Whitley is subjected to sexual harassment by her immediate supervisor; when she complains to upper management, however, he claims she was the aggressor.
111 17 "May the Best Man Win" David Blackwell Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman February 13, 1992 517
Whitley and Dwayne meet one of Mr. Gaines' former employees: Hillman alumnus and Virginia state senatorial candidate Byron Douglas III.

112 18 "Kiss You Back" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser February 20, 1992 518
Whitley and Byron have quickly become an item. While Byron is on a weekend business trip in Washington, D.C., Whitley tries to clear the air between herself and Dwayne. However, the night doesn't go as planned; the next morning, Dwayne is still at Whitley's place when Byron comes knocking on the door.
113 19 "Conflict of Interest" John Rago Glenn Berenbeim February 27, 1992 519
Whitley and Dwayne tell Byron what happened, but Whitley insists that she no longer has feelings for Dwayne. Meanwhile, Freddie and Shazza start being brutally honest all the time, which is brutally annoying to everyone else. Prospective freshmen Charmaine Brown and Lance Rodman visit Hillman.

114 20 "Sellmates" Henry Chan Gary H. Miller March 12, 1992 520
Ron gets fired from his car salesman job when he lets a customer posing as a Harvard Business School graduate to take a car for a test drive instead of selling it--only to have Ron and the girl team up with an inventive way to get his job back. Meanwhile, Kim is concerned about her medical school prospects after receiving several rejection letters.
115 21 "Do the Write Thing" Otis Sallid James E. West April 2, 1992 522
Lena writes a fictitious essay about her father's supposed exploits, for a scholarship competition, then must decide what to do when her father turns up in person to see her claim the prize.

Guest Starring: Joe Morton (as Byron Douglas III), Roscoe Lee Browne (as Professor Barnabus Foster), Ron Canada (as Grover James), Anne Gee Byrd (as Maude Mitchell), & Leonard Lightfoot (as Ted Selman).

116 22 "Love Taps" Kadeem Hardison Teleplay by: Reggie Rock Bythewood
Story by: Kadeem Hardison, Ron Moseley & Reggie Rock Bythewood
April 23, 1992 521
When Freddie tries to learn the identity a woman she saw being beaten, Lena is shocked to realize her usually strong-willed roommate Gina may have been the victim.
117 23 "Special Delivery" Kadeem Hardison Dara Marks May 7, 1992 523
With only days to go before the statewide elections, Byron's campaign is shaken up by a sex scandal involving a stripper and the candidate. Jaleesa also gives birth to a daughter.
"Save the Best for Last (Part 1)"
"Save the Best for Last (Part 2)"
Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser May 14, 1992 524
Dwayne surprises Whitley with a visit on the night before her wedding, and their talk leads Whitley to ponder her future as she walks down the aisle: Will she choose Byron or Dwayne?