A Different World: Season 6
Country: USA
Number of Episodes: 25 episodes
Network: NBC-TV
Season Run: September 24, 1992 –
July 9, 1993
Seasons: 123456
Season 6 was the sixth and final season of A Different World, which ran on NBC-TV from September 24, 1992 – July 9, 1993 and lasted for a total of 25 episodes.

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Season 6 (1992-1993)Edit

Season 6 episodes
# in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
120 1 "Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 1)" Debbie Allen Susan Fales September 24, 1992 601

Everyone returns to Hillman for the start of the new school year, including newlyweds Dwayne and Whitley. A discussion of the Rodney King police brutality trial leads to the Waynes' recount of their honeymoon in Los Angeles, which coincided with the riots that ensued following the verdict.

Guest stars: Sister Souljah and Gilbert Gottfried. Debbie Allen makes a uncredited cameo appearance cleaning her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

121 2 "Honeymoon in L.A. (Part 2)" Debbie Allen Glenn Berenbeim October 1, 1992 602
Tempers flair, anxiety increases, and Dwayne and Whitley are separated as the Los Angeles riots begin around them. Freddie's summer transformation from a peace-loving hippie into a suit-wearing law school student impresses Ron but shocks Shazza.

122 3 "Interior Desecration" Debbie Allen Jeannette Collins and Mimi Friedman October 8, 1992 603

Ron mediates Dwayne and Whitley's conflict over whose belongings will go and whose will stay in their new apartment—and gets his own room downstairs. The underclassmen engage in a stepping challenge, hoping to promote unity.

123 4 "Somebody Say Ho!" Debbie Allen Reggie Rock Blythewood October 15, 1992 604

After Terrell is accused of taping a "digit ho" sign onto Charmaine's back during math class, a mock trial tests the students' attitudes on gender harassment and threatens Terrell's future at Hillman.

124 5 "Really Gross Anatomy" Jasmine Guy Scott Sanders October 22, 1992 605

Kim has trouble dissecting her first cadaver in anatomy class, but fellow medical student Spencer Boyer helps her regain her confidence. Ron offers Kim support at home, but can't shake off his attraction to Freddie. Whitley goes on an overnight business trip, leaving Dwayne home alone for the first time.

125 6 "Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Axed" Debbie Allen Gina Prince-Blythewood October 29, 1992 606
Whitley convinces Dwayne to spend their savings on an expensive painting, but her professional life takes a wrong turn and the painting is later stolen in a home invasion. During a couples dinner Ron, Kim, Freddie, and Shazza try to work out their differences with each other.

126 7 "The Little Mister" Debbie Allen Glenn Berenbeim October 29, 1992 607
Dwayne scoffs at the idea of the "Year of the Woman". He then falls asleep on the couch and dreams that all of the candidates in the 1992 presidential election are women, with Whitley as "Jill Blinton", and Dwayne as her husband "Hilliard" (parodying Bill and Hillary Clinton).
127 8 "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Glynn Turman Jasmine Guy November 5, 1992 610
Work pressures have Dwayne showing less romantic interest in Whitley, who calls in her problem to The Montel Williams Show — unaware that Gina has organized a dorm-wide viewing party. Freddie also struggles with the need to reveal to Kim her relationship with Ron.

"Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 1)"
"Faith, Hope and Charity (Part 2)"
Debbie Allen Susan Fales November 12, 1992 608
Whitley's mother shows up for Thanksgiving with an apparent new fiancé, whose motives Whitley doubts, while Dwayne's mother likewise shows up unannounced; the fighting that ensues leads to the mothers being embroiled in a local protest for Haitian rights and being hauled off to jail. Waiting for their children to show up with bail money, the jailed mothers-in-law are shocked to learn of the recent blows to the family finances; each makes up with her child after expressing the grief she had felt over the circumstances of her only child's wedding. Revealing that he knows Freddie is cheating on him with Ron, Shazza breaks up with her.

130 11 "Original Teacher" Debbie Allen Reggie Rock Blythewood November 19, 1992 611
Kris Kross play two juvenile deliquents who are mentored by Professor Dwayne. After a potentially violent run-in with the father of one of the boys, Dwayne manages to get through to the pair, teaching them both a life lesson.

131 12 "Occupational Hazards" Kadeem Hardison Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman December 3, 1992 612
After her clothes were stolen in the home invasion, Whitley buys an expensive suit for a job interview with the intention of returning it. But she stains the suit before she can, does not get the job, and is forced to file for unemployment. Charmaine's long-distance relationship with Lance ends with a missed train and a phone call.

  • Special Guest star: Alaina Reed Hall as Claims Officer.
  • Not in episode: Charnele Brown and Glynn Turman.
132 13 "White Christmas" Debbie Allen Glenn Berenbeim December 13, 1992 613
Freddie's mother, a counselor, arrives at Christmas and immediately involves herself in everyone's personal problems, to her daughter's discomfort but others' relief; Shazza tries to woo Freddie back from Ron.
133 14 "To Whit, with Love" Debbie Allen Gina Prince-Blythewood January 7, 1993 614
Whitley takes a position teaching rebellious students at a school in a low-income neighborhood, eventually breaking through to them by teaching them African-American history not contained in their outdated textbooks. Lena's burgeoning relationship with Dorian may be threatened when he reveals that he is practicing abstinence.

134 15 "Happy Birthday to Moi" Debbie Allen Thomas Perry Dance January 14, 1993 615
Disappointed with how her year has gone, Whitley determines to plan herself the best surprise birthday party ever by prying Dwayne's plans out of Kim. Meanwhile, Charmaine and Terrell take desperate measures to pass their French midterm exam.

  • Guest starring: Josephine Premice as Desiree Porter.
135 16 "Mind Your Own Business" Debbie Allen Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman January 21, 1993 616
Ron and Mr. Gaines purchase a nightclub together, but the cancellation of the opening night act threatens to send Ron into financial ruin. To save the day, Mr. Gaines calls in his four nerdy but talented grandnieces—Faith, Hope, Charity, and Henrietta.

Due to declining ratings NBC placed A Different World on hiatus following episode 135, but production on the series continued. During the hiatus, the network announced the series's cancellation. A Different World returned to the schedule on May 8, 1993, with the one-hour series finale; the events in episodes 138 through 145 occur before the finale. Episodes 138 through 142 were scheduled to air over winter 1993 prior to the series being placed on hiatus. Episodes 143 through 145 were unaired on NBC; they were aired later as part of the program's syndication package.
"When One Door Closes... (Part 1)"
"When One Door Closes... (Part 2)"
David Blackwell
Debbie Allen
Karen Kennedy
Susan Fales
May 8, 1993 624
Dwayne develops a grammar-baseball video game and sells it to Kinishewa, who not only buys the concept but offers Dwayne a job in Tokyo. Whitley finds out she is pregnant. The mothers-in-law and Mr. Wayne come to prepare Dwayne and Whitley for the move, then proceed to get drunk after discovering their first grandchild will be born in Japan. Ron and Dwayne have a falling out over Ron's input in creating the video game. When Ron contemplates suing Dwayne, it causes Freddie to question their relationship. Freddie gets her articles published in the Hillman legal journal and, after many tries, Kim finally says "yes" to Spencer's marriage proposal. Everyone gathers together at The Pit to give the Waynes a surprise farewell party the night before their departure. Ron and Dwayne reconcile in the final scene of the series.

  • Guest stars: Diahann Carroll, Bebe Drake (credited as Bebe Drake-Massey), Patti Labelle, Josephine Premice, and Harold Sylvester.
  • Note: This hour-long episode was intended to be the series finale. Chronologically, the final events of A Different World occur here.
138 19 "Lean on Me" Henry Chan Gina Prince-Blythewood May 27, 1993 618
Dwayne is convinced to apply for a summer job at Kinishewa...and is surprised when his ex-girlfriend Kinu shows up as the interviewer. But when he doesn't get the position Dwayne wonders is his breakup with Kinu was the root cause.

139 20 "Dancing Machines" Bruce Kerner Scott Sanders June 3, 1993 619
orian, Lena, Charmaine and Terrell participate in a dance marathon fundraiser for Amnesty International with a $1000 cash prize, but Freddie (the fundraiser's organizer) is unconvinced that Ron's seemingly materialistic approach is the right means to achieve her ends.

The father of one of Whitley's students asks her to keep Dashawn for several hours.

140 21 "Cabin in the Sky" Henry Chan Reggie Rock Blythewood June 10, 1993 617
Strapped for cash, Whitley and Dwayne opt to share a cabin with Mr. Gaines and his wife, in an attempt at a long-delayed honeymoon. The Gaineses have a major fight over Vernon's distant relationship with their son—whom he left in charge of The Pit in his absence—and refuse to share a room, throwing a major curve into the Wayneses' plans for a romantic weekend.

  • Guest starring: Bebe Drake-Massey (as Velma Gaines) and T.K. Carter (as Darnell Gaines).
  • Absent from episode: Cree Summer and Glynn Turman.
141 22 "Great X-Pectations" Glynn Turman Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman July 9, 1993 620

While preparing for a history assignment on the only meeting between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, Terrell and Charmaine are physically threatened by several local residents, causing Terrell to take drastic measures that could spell the end of his matriculation at Hillman; Spencer proposes marriage to Kim as often as four times a day without receiving a clear "yes." Absent: Darryl M. Bell (Ron Johnson), Cree Summer (Freddie Brooks), Lou Myers (Vernon Gaines), and Glynn Turman (Colonel Taylor).

142 23 "Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?" Kadeem Hardison Teleplay by: Ron Massey
Story by: Kadeem Hardison & Ron Massey
June 24, 1993
(Aired in syndication)
Lena receives a visit by her friends from Baltimore, including ex-boyfriend Piccolo, which causes a rivalry with Dorian and a rift in Lena's other relationships.

  • Absent from episode: Darryl M. Bell, Cree Summer, and Glynn Turman.
143 24 "A Rock, a River, a Lena" David Blackwell Glenn Berenbeim

July 2, 1993 (Aired in syndication)


When famed singer-actress Lena Horne comes to campus, Whitley mounts an elaborate tribute with her students, but Kim is struck by Whitley's inability to pay similar respect to Ms. Horne's contemporary, Mr. Gaines.

Guest stars: Lena Horne, Marques Houston, and Jerome "Romeo" Jones.

Not in episode: Glynn Turman.

144 25 "College Kid" Debbie Allen Reggie Rock Blythewood & Gina-Prince Blythewood July 10, 1993 (Aired in syndication) 623

Gina, Lena, Charmaine, Dorian, and Terrell rent an off-campus apartment from a grumpy older man who turns out to be a reclusive, former professional baseball star. He is inspired to consider attending college, particularly after seeing an old flame who is now a professor. Gina's abusive ex-boyfriend returns to try to establish contact anew, frightening her and infuriating her friends.

Special Guest stars: Billy Dee Williams, Leslie Uggams, and Edafe Blackmon. Absent from episode: Darryl M. Bell, Charnele Brown, Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Lou Myers, Cree Summer, and Glynn Turman.