Season 05, Episode 20
Air Date March 12, 1992
Writer Gary H. Miller
Director Henry Chan
Previous Conflict of Interest
Next Do the Write Thing

Sellmates is the twentieth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on March 12, 1992.

Summary Edit

Ron hates his new job as a car salesman. He's only had it four days and already his friends are running from him. He finally gets a potential customer, a Harvard Business School grad who persuades Ron to let her take one of the cars for a test drive, leaving him the keys to her father's Mercedes. When an hour and half passes and she still hasn't returned, Ron panics and is fired. The girl finally comes back, but there is no sale. She's a phony and there's no Mercedes either. Next day, she and Ron try to get his job back, but it's too late. Perhaps Ron has met his match. Meanwhile, Kim is rejected from her last choice for medical school and fears no one will take her.

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