Strangers on a Plane
Season 03, Episode 01
Air Date September 21, 1989
Writer Thad Mumford
Director Chris Hibler
Previous There's No Place Like Home
Next The Heat Is On

Strangers on a Plane is the first episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on September 21, 1989.

Summary Edit

Dwayne looks different and Whitley likes the improvement! On the plane back to Hillman after summer vacation, Whitley runs into Dwayne wearing a fancy suit and looking fabulous. Impressed with the new, improved Dwayne, she makes a play for him. Once they're back on campus, she continues putting the moves on him. Of course it's not long before Dwayne's back on familiar ground and back to the old familiar Dwayne. Gone are the hot suit and stylin' looks Whitley fell for on the plane. Also gone are Whitley's dashing fantasies that Dwayne might be the appropriate one for her!

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