Sweet Charity
Season 03, Episode 21
Air Date March 29, 1990
Writer Margie Peters
Director Neema Barnette
Previous 21 Candles
Next Soldier Boy

Sweet Charity is the twenty-first episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on March 29, 1990.

Summary Edit

Dwayne and Ron are invited to film a TV commercial playing basketball opposite two basketball Hall of Famers, Rick Barry and Walt Hazzard. Their popularity with the women soars! That's until they are humiliated by being cast as the weaklings against the Hall of Famers. Easy come, easy go! Meanwhile, Kim has secretly taken on extra work to pay school expenses. When the gang finds out and tries to help, Kim's pride is insulted. Mr. Gaines teaches Kim a lesson in receiving and allowing others to give.

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