That's the Trouble With You All
Season 03, Episode 17
Air Date February 22, 1990
Writer Thad Mumford
Director Neema Barnette
Previous A World Alike
Next A Campfire Story

That's the Trouble With You All is the seventeenth episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on February 22, 1990.

Summary Edit

Insisting that she only wants to be friends, Whitley offers to help Dwayne find a girlfriend. When Dwayne pretends to like his date, Whitley's jealousy surfaces and she attempts to ruin their evening. Since when do "just friends" get jealous? Although she continues to deny romantic interest in Dwayne, Whitley finally admits his friendship is important to her. Even though both seem to have stronger feelings than friendship, they decide that they'll let each other do as they please romantically. Meanwhile, Jaleesa and Walter make a bet. Walter insists that poker is strictly a man's game, but Jaleesa begs to differ! She bets him she can teach Freddie to play poker and beat him and a partner. It's a deal and Jaleesa cleans Walter out! In fact, Jaleesa's poker skills are so keen, and Walter's ego so proud, he leaves with her having won the clothes off his back!