The Dwayne Mutiny
Season 05, Episode 02
Air Date September 26, 1991
Writer Gary H. Miller
Director Debbie Allen
Previous We've Only Just Begun
Next Home is Where the Fire Is

The Dwayne Mutiny is the second episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on September 26, 1991.

Summary Edit

Dwayne's first day as a teacher turns into disaster when he tries too hard. He tells his students there will be a quiz every day throughout the term, starting with day one. Next, he singles Lena out for being one minute late and announces her quiz scores in front of the class. She leads a revolt, which most of her classmates and even some parents join in on. Colonel Taylor, head of Dwayne's department, eventually tells him to lighten up or he may lose his job.

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