To Have and Have Not
Season 03, Episode 04
Air Date October 26, 1989
Writer Kevin Kelton
Director Debbie Allen
Previous The Hat Makes the Man
Next Forever Hold Your Peace

To Have and Have Not is the fourth episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on October 26, 1989.

Summary Edit

Whitley volunteers to teach ballet at a youth center for inner-city children. It turns out to be a great decision. She develops a special relationship with one of her students giving him rides to the center and taking him on a tour of Hillman. Unfortunately, when Whitley's wallet disappears she suspects one of the kids has stolen it and refuses to return to "that place". When she finds out it was her little friend who took her wallet, she's hurt and disappointed. In her anger she becomes judgmental about poor people and the type of folks that live in "that kind of neighborhood". It all leads Whitley to re-assessing her qualifications and purpose as a role model. Walter approaches Whitley to come back and continue her ballet class. When asked to think about how many people have already abandoned or walked out on the kids down at the center, it affects Whitley. Walter convinces her that returning might make more of a difference than she ever thought she could make with the kids.

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