To Tell the Truth
Season 05, Episode 09
Air Date November 14, 1991
Writer Yvette Denise Lee
Director Debbie Allen
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Next Do You Take This Woman?

To Tell the Truth is the ninth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on November 14, 1991.

Summary Edit

Whitley is wound uptight, consumed by wedding plans and her parents' imminent arrival. Dwayne is unhappy. He wishes they could just date again and have fun the way they used to. Then it happens: At a faculty gathering Whitley over-reacts when Dwayne spills punch on her and storms out. Moments later, Dwayne collides with a pretty grad student, spills food on her and she handles it graciously. Dwayne likes her immediately. Against Ron's advice, Dwayne asks her out. Confused by his emotions, he decides he has to tell Whitley he went out with someone else even though he has no idea how Whitley will take it. Is this the end of the line for Whitley and Dwayne?