To Whit, with Love
Season 06, Episode 14
Air Date January 7, 1993
Writer Gina Prince
Director Debbie Allen
Previous White Christmas
Next Happy Birthday to Moi

To Whit, with Love is the fourteenth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on January 7, 1993.

Summary Edit

Whitley has found work as an elementary school teacher in a class full of unruly, disrespectful kids. Not only are the kids challenging, but all signs indicate she's not cut out for this type of work. Back on campus, Lena is being challenged as well. She's lusting after Dorian, but discovers on their first date that he doesn't engage in pre-marital sex. Although both ladies are in tough spots, they manage to work around them. Whitley is ready to quit, but the principal calls her a prima donna and that convinces her to stick it out to try to reach the kids. Lena was worried that Dorian considered her a tramp, but when she finds out otherwise, she's willing to abstain and make the best of a promising relationship.

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