Twelve Steps of Christmas
Season 05, Episode 12
Air Date December 19, 1991
Writer Jeanette Collins
Mimi Friedman
Director Bruce Kerner
Previous Mammy Dearest
Next Just Another Four-letter Word

Twelve Steps of Christmas is the twelfth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on December 19, 1991.

Summary Edit

Whitley can't get a flight home for the holidays until the day after Christmas. She's still blue over Dwayne, who left on a ski trip with a pretty girl from the dorm. Jaleesa, who's having her own problems with Colonel Taylor, invites Whitley over for Christmas dinner. Dwayne returns early from his holiday. Seems his date dumped him because he couldn't stop talking about Whitley! Without knowing Jaleesa has invited Whitley over for dinner, Colonel Taylor feels bad for Dwayne and invites him over for holiday dinner. In the meantime, Whitley visits a shrink to try and sort out her feelings for Dwayne. There's likely to be fireworks this Christmas!

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