Wedding Bells From Hell
Season 03, Episode 07
Air Date November 16, 1989
Writer Adrianna Trigiani
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Delusions of Daddyhood
Next Great Expectations

Wedding Bells From Hell is the seventh episode of A Different World's third season which was first broadcast on November 16, 1989.

Summary Edit

Walter wins a honeymoon trip to Hawaii and decides he'd like to take Jaleesa... as his wife! They decide to get married and everyone jumps in to help. Wedding plans are in full swing when, independently, the couple contemplate what they want out of life... Jaleesa wants the urban life: career and independence. Walter longs for suburbia: a family and security. Is there room for compromise? Is this trip grounds for a wedding or...? Jaleesa confesses to Walter that things might be wrong a bit too fast for her, but there's no time to put on the brakes and they forge ahead. When Walter and Jaleesa are on the alter, the preacher asks if anyone sees any reason for the two not to be wedded? Two people speak up: Jaleesa and Walter! They just aren't ready. Meanwhile, Dwayne decides he'd like to tell Whitley of his feelings for her but she'd dodging his every move. Whitley wonders if Dwayne's feelings are a passing fancy or the real thing. Mrs. Gaines tells Whitley it's clear Dwayne is crazy for her and advises Whitley to grab him while she can. Love is definitely in the air, but where will it land? Dwayne is frustrated by Whitley's dodges so he finally lands a big one on her! They admit their feelings, but Whitley says she's not ready for marriage.

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