White Christmas
Season 06, Episode 13
Air Date December 17, 1992
Writer Glenn Berenbeim
Director Debbie Allen
Previous Occupational Hazards
Next To Whit, with Love

White Christmas is the thirteenth episode of A Different World's sixth season which was first broadcast on December 17, 1992.

Summary Edit

Freddie's mother Joan, who is white and a real hippie of the '60s, comes to visit for Christmas and creates a stir. She gets the whole dorm chanting and feeling auras. Next, she unwittingly reunites Freddie and Shazade with their joint memories of trips together. As a result, she makes Ron feel left out since he's not a part of her whole transcendental mind-set. It gets so bad that when Ron sees Shazade kiss Freddie, he thinks he's lost her to him. Finally, Freddie, in frustration, tells Joan she wants a mother that acts like a mother, not like a girlfriend. In other words, time for mom to grow up!

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